Everyone in Handaland is wealth of experience in understanding of logistic, marketing, communication, social media, and technology. We bake those rounded skills and result the ability to structure an event design and management services. We display our experience to create marketing tools and strategies in innovative and engaging approach.


Marketing manager

Since 2006, I have brought my experiences in public affairs and advocacy, strategic marketing and communications and project consulting to provide senior executives of domestic companies a strategic counsel for crisis management.


Events planner

"Home sweet home" I would rather say so here. I love taking care day-to-day operation of the company and all core clients projects. I obviously have a crush on crafting events and know the best recipes to work on it.


Finance advisor

My background and experiences in banking and finance convinced me to join the company and here I am. I handle the budget of your project to conduct efficient result.


Technical manager

As a video director, photographer and webmaster, I create multimedia content. The best pictures for effective communication and advertising.

Here we are...

Event and Meeting Planning

We craft the meeting design from details of all cores within the budget, on time and fit the needs. Then, we pack the documentation and evaluation to establish the meeting design. Handaland conducts a suitable design for your event in professional friendly approach.

Marketing and Communication

No matter it is a brand new or established company, we'd like to share how to deliver the product with an effective, efficient, high-tech and affordable package of marketing and communication. Our creation results sustainable strategies in communication platform to provide long-term value to the company.

Public Relations Management

We reasonably integrate resources with strategies into suitable tips and tricks to build or develop establishing mutual beneficial relation between the company and public. Our roles are to contribute those strategies in helping the company to interact directly with medias and release development and distribution.

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